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We are happy to announce we are setting shop in lovely Connecticut, and will be gradually updating our webpages.

REGO GEAR is located in sunny Oceanside, CA. and it is a slingpack and backpack design company defined by passion, creativity and integrity. It is focused on supporting and inspiring your evolving active lifestyle with innovative, outdoor gear designed to be functional, versatile, durable and most of all lightweight; gear that exemplifies and enhances your personal enjoyment.  


The concept originated from personal experience and necessity, inspiring the creation of the Front Pocket Metro Sling, the company’s flagship product. 

For most people with active lifestyles a backpack is the only option to carry their essentials (i.e. MP3, iPhones, ID, Passports, energy bars, water bottle) and more. However, when you're out all day traveling, hiking, biking or traversing city life carrying a cumbersome backpack around for hours becomes very uncomfortable. Retrieving your essentials is also another hassle entirely.


Our solution, create a new type of sling pack (Metro Sling Plus 550) that would function similar to that of a backpack but with a revolutionary front pocket design providing immediate access to your essentials while on the go, without the need to stop. Including an ergonomic design so form-fitting, light and versatile that could be worn all day comfortably allowing you to easily transition from one activity to the next.

REGO GEAR is devoted to expanding beyond its Front Pocket Metro Sling in order to provide you with alternative solutions that will further enhance your evolving and active lifestyles. 

Watch Metro Sling Plus 550 demonstration video.

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