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Will my phone fit in the Metro Sling RGS450?

What's so great about the Metro Sling RGS450 is that it was purposely designed to hold phones, credit cards, energy bars, passports and more. However, unlike the Metro Sling Plus, the Metro Sling RGS450 holds smaller phones, like the minis.  

Having a 100% customer satisfaction policy means we will be more than happy to issue a refund, if the Metro Sling RGS450 doesn't work for you.

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How do I know what size to choose?

One-size fits all, unless you are petit in height and frame.

What’s great about either Metro Sling is that they are ergonomically designed to follow your body shape and are each outfitted with an adjustable 17” long strap designed to provide a comfortable and snug fit throughout the chest and back.

Either Metro Sling is also equipped with a strategically positioned side-loop-carabineer that easily clips to any pant loop; therefore anchoring the sling further for a tighter more secure fit while stabilizing bounce and droop.

Using the carabineer anchor in tandem with the side-hip, adjustable strap ensures maximum stability and comfort, while keeping your valuables secure whether you’re hustling through muggy subways or trekking up a mountain trail. 


Is the Metro Sling waterproof?

The Metro Slings are water resistant, not waterproof.  The polyester material and padding insulation prevent water from soaking in immediately.  Under light rain you can easily brush off the water drops.  Because of the polyester material the Metro Slings are quick drying.


Is there a retail store in my area?

Rego Gear is presently working on partnering with retail stores in your areas. 

Frank's Bike Shop 
553 Grand St New York, NY 10002 
174 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002

Are my items secured?

Its clever front pocket design keeps your items safe and secure while giving you immediate access, as you race for the airport gate, plunge through a crowded city street, or traverse remote biking and hiking trails.   

When the Metro Sling is worn and used correctly, it helps ensure its security.

  • The top and middle sized pockets are secured with Velcro® for immediate access to iPhones, MP3 players and more.
  • The bottom pocket is secured with both a zipper and Velcro® for more sensitive items like your credit cards, passport and alike.
  • Blend in and look-like a local with the sling’s discreet body-hugging fit, allowing you to wear it underneath a jacket.
  • Strategically placed front-pockets deter pickpockets when traveling abroad. 


Does the Metro Sling bounce, droop, or slip off?

You can stand on your head and it will not come off.


The patent-pending innovative RG-Anchor™ provides maximum stability with a strategically positioned side-loop carabineer that easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling for a secure, stabilized fit that significantly minimizes bounce and droop. Once anchored, the Metro Sling will not come off.

Using the RG-Anchor™ in tandem with the side-hip, adjustable strap ensures maximum stability and comfort, further minimizing significant bouncing and drooping.

It’s important to note when not using the RG-Anchor™ the Metro Slings still provide a firm and secure fit with its ergonomic design and side-hip adjustable strap.  However, there may be some shift depending on the type of activity taking place. 

Having a 100% customer satisfaction policy means we will be more than happy to issue a refund, if the Metro Slings don't work for you.

There are a small percent of body types, petite in frame and height that will experience bounce and droop. In these cases, we recommend that you try the sling and take advantage of our customer satisfaction guarantee if you experience any problems with the fit. 

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