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3 Tips for Planning a Safe and Stress-Free Couples Vacation

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Are you thinking about planning some vacation adventures with your significant other? Traveling together can be a major milestone for any new couple, but it can also be an exciting way for more seasoned couples to reconnect. If you’ve been dealing with some relationship challenges, time away just the two of you can be an incredible tonic from the day-to-day.

Stay Safe While Making Memories

Vacations look a little different now that COVID-19 is a constant concern. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay safe on your couples adventure. First and foremost, wear a mask and maintain social distancing as much as possible. You should carry an extra, clean mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and disinfectant wipes everywhere you go. (Hint: our 450 Metro Sling is perfect for that!) You should also be sure your lodging and transportation options practice enhanced safety and cleanliness standards.

Use Budgeting and Travel Apps to Make Your Vacation Plans

Before you begin making plans for all of those exciting adventures, you may want to come up with a travel budget that both you and your partner are comfortable with. To take the hassle out of this planning step, download a budgeting app specifically made for vacation planning. Smartphone apps like Trail Wallet and Spent make it super easy to plan for and track all of your travel expenses, while an app like Splitwise can make things simple if you plan on splitting those vacation costs with your partner.

Speaking of apps, you can also use travel apps to cut costs on those adventures. From hotel rooms to airline tickets to epic adventures, money-saving travel apps could be your ticket to upgrading this experience, plus you can put the savings toward your next couples excursion. Many of these apps allow you to book accommodations and tickets directly, which can save some time and hassle as well.

What About a Staycation?

A staycation might not seem as glamorous or exciting as a road trip or even a getaway to a coastal beach, but a staycation can be a perfect way to vacation right here in Oceanside while keeping your budget in check and limiting your COVID-19 exposure. You can explore all the local sites you’ve been meaning to try, for one thing. And since you didn’t have to spend money on travel, you can treat yourself and your spouse to a splurge. If you’re a foodie, book a gourmet meal experience with Chef Stacy Powell. Fashion forward? Invest in a new outfit from TRE Boutique in Del Mar. For the tech-savvy couple, the new iPhone can help you capture priceless photo and video memories as you reconnect.

If you want to kick your staycation up a notch while staying thrifty, a vacation rental can be a wonderful way to enjoy a neighborhood you’ve always wanted to live in. Maybe it’s a trendy apartment on Rainey Street, a condo downtown or even a small home on Lake Travis. Use a reliable rental site that offers must-have amenities like wifi, easy check-in, quality linens, and round-the-clock service. (Don’t forget the professional cleaning!) You’ll be saving money but still living the high life.

Use Compassion and Patience to Preserve Your Relationship

Traveling with your significant other can be exciting but it can also be stressful. So before you hit the open road with your love, you need to keep this in mind. Being stuck in a car or hotel together can really put a strain on your relationship, so if you are planning on traveling for an extended period of time make sure that you both plan some alone time.

Although spending time together as a couple is important, spending time solo can be equally important for preserving your mental health. So, talk this over with your partner and negotiate time periods where you can each do your own thing. If things still get tense during your trip together, you can arm yourself with a few relationship-saving strategies to diffuse any negative energy. Try to avoid raising your voice when an argument or tense moment arises, and always try to listen to your partner. If you still feel stressed and like you may lose control, you can also use some deep-breathing exercises to reduce feelings of frustrations and restore calm.

Taking a trip with your partner can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories and even a stronger bond. You just need to make sure that you both take the proper planning and preparation steps, to keep your stress levels low along the way. Then you can really focus on all of the fun you are having as a couple, and all of the amazing adventures you are sharing! 

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