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Avoid Pickpockets with Rego Gear's Metro Sling

PICKPOCKETS, THEY'RE WATCHING YOU!For this month’s newsletter topic, I wanted to cover pickpockets because just recently a friend was pick-pocketed while traveling abroad. He doesn’t know when or how, just that his camera went missing. Before it went missing he recalls having placed it inside the outer-zipper pocket of his backpack. Luckily [...]

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Embracing the Urban Sling

Death to the Bulky Bag! Life in the big city presents a wealth of opportunities that just can’t be had elsewhere. The employment options, cultural experiences, and prospects for personal development are seemingly endless. Unfortunately, urban living also presents a host of challenges. For instance, you know how hard it can be to get everything you [...]

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Sling Pack – What to Look For

Why a Sling Pack?Sling packs are a sleeker option for travelers who need to keep essentials like cell phones, mobile devices, travel money, passports and other travel documents safe and secure but don’t want to carry around bulky shoulder bags, backpacks, or rucksacks. These over-the-shoulder slings hug tight to the body so they’re extremely comfortable [...]

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A Lightweight Travel Sling Allows Savvy Travelers to Enjoy the Experience

Is Your Bag a Burden? Life should be spent wisely: exploring new places, seeing new things, experiencing every juicy little moment as it’s offered. You need to be ready and able to take it all in when it comes at you (whether that’s right now or after reaching the next summit). That’s why more and [...]

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