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Avoid Pickpockets with Rego Gear's Metro Sling Bag



For this month’s newsletter topic, I wanted to cover pickpockets because just recently a friend was pick-pocketed while traveling abroad. He doesn’t know when or how, just that his camera went missing. Before it went missing he recalls having placed it inside the outer-zipper pocket of his backpack. Luckily for him, it was only his camera that was taken and not his passport and credit cards, unlike so many others.


It happens more than we know. You’re totally excited to finally be on vacation. You’ve booked your flight, packed your things, planned your adventure and finally arrived at your destination. After checking into your hotel, you eagerly head out to try the native cuisine. But when you reach for your wallet to pay, it’s gone! You panic and search frantically through your pockets, purse and backpack as you slowly come to grips with the reality; your phone, credit cards, ID’s, and most importantly, your passport have been stolen. You’ve just become a victim of pick-pocketing, your vacation is short-lived.


Let’s face it, when you travel the last thing you want to do is keep one hand on your wallet as you try to mingle with the locals. You’re supposed to be on vacation after all without a care in the world. Instead, you’re constantly feeling your pockets to make sure your wallet, phone, passport, etc. are still there or you’ll often carry your backpack in-front of you. You’re supposed to be on vacation having fun, enjoying the culture, cuisine, scenery, and people. But the sad truth is once you let your guard down you become a victim. It sometimes can’t be helped, we get caught up in the moment and the spontaneity¸ only to later find your day- pack is missing, or wallet has been picked right out of your pocket. Or you may put your pack down, and take off your jacket leaving one of them behind.


Pickpocket statistics are hard to come by because the data is not officially tracked and whatever stats there are are limited and estimated, that’s because most go unreported. But the following data gives you a good sense of what’s going on, enough anyway, to seriously take into preparation next time you travel.

  • Pick-pocketing thefts increased by 20% in London from 2010-2012.
  • The UK averages about 600,000 pickpocket incidents each year.
  • 33% of all travel insurance claims are for lost or stolen possessions.
  • NYPD reports 3,000 pickpocket incidents a month in New York City.

Source: CleverTravelCampanion.com

  • Barcelona visitors experienced 6,000 thefts per day during 2009’s tourist season.
  • 115,055 pick-pocketings and bag snatches in Barcelona were reported in the 12 months ending August 2009.

Source: BobArno.com


Again, data is hard to come by and there are plenty of articles and websites dedicated to pickpockets, pickpocket scams, how to avoid pickpockets, preparations against pickpockets, and so on. Here are a few links to learn more:


So, while talking to our friend, whose camera was pick-pocketed, we did some digging around the web to see what travelers/tourist are doing to thwart off pickpockets and decided to list down a few:

  • Consider an anti-theft pack with snatch-proof wire reinforced straps and belts with zipper locks.
  • Lock your valuables (laptops, video cameras, etc.) in your hotel room safe.
  • Secure and loop your daypack strap around your ankle or chair.
  • Don’t over pack, take one credit card, some cash, one ID, lock the rest up in your hotel safe.
  • Keep your wits about you in crowded settings and during commotions (often times distractions for pick-pocketing).
  • Photocopy all your documents (credit cards, passport, IDs, etc,).
  • Remember to look before you leave a restaurant or tourist attraction to make sure you don’t leave your valuables behind (happens more frequently than you know).
  • Carry your wallet in your front pocket.
  • Wear a money belt.

Source: https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/theft-scam...



So, our friend says… “it must have happened when I was in this one store, it got really crowded at one point.” Pickpockets love crowds and this is when you are most vulnerable. They seek out tourists in busy and congested locations like when you’re standing watching street performers, getting on public transportation, or in stores.

And this is what we told our friend… “You’re really lucky it was just your camera and not everything else, too!” And then we handed him his personalized travel Metro Sling RGS450™.

Tourists are pickpocket targets in most European cities, a fact many travelers/tourists fail to take into account when choosing a bag. The Metro Sling RGS450™ will protect you, so you can forget pickpockets and focus on what is important, your vacation.

  • Unlike all other daypacks, backpacks, and sling bags, all your items are stored securely in pockets positioned in the front of your chest where you have absolute control and visibility at all times.
  • You carry only what is needed without over packing.
  • Because the Metro Sling RGS450™pockets are positioned close to your chest it easily deters pickpockets from approaching you and snatching your things.
  • You can travel with peace of mind to truly enjoy your trip.

So, get rid of whatever holds you down so that you can really enjoy your vacation by including Rego Gear’s Metro Sling as a permanent part of your travel gear. 

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