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Embracing the Urban Sling Bag


Death to the Bulky Bag!

Life in the big city presents a wealth of opportunities that just can’t be had elsewhere. The employment options, cultural experiences, and prospects for personal development are seemingly endless. Unfortunately, urban living also presents a host of challenges. For instance, you know how hard it can be to get everything you need from Point A to Point B. You have your cell phone, your wallet, your work stuff, your mid-morning snack, and you have to carry all that on the subway, in taxis, or on the bus. And let’s face it - you only have so many pockets. That’s where Rego Gear's innovative sling bag comes into play.

For years the only options anyone had for toting all of their essentials across the city were outdated and bulky backpacks or shoulder bags that may have been stylish but were far from functional. Carrying one of these monstrosities through the crowds is an ordeal: you bump into everyone and everything, you can’t find the one item you need when you need it (it’s always at the bottom), you’re always tempted to set it down just to get it off your shoulder, and you constantly have to worry about someone slipping their sticky fingers into your bag unnoticed.

It’s time for a better option designed specifically with an urban lifestyle in mind.

Functionality Foremost

Urban slings are form-fitting, over the shoulder slings deigned to keep everything you need on a daily basis close at hand. They offer plenty of storage space for all of your essential items and keep them readily available.

With pockets strategically placed on your chest and sides, you don’t have to do that awkward stumbling/hunt through your purse or messenger bag to find your cell phone when it rings. You don’t have to stop and fish around in the bottom of the bag for your wallet. Simply reach up, open the Velcro flap, and whatever you need right now is right in your hand.

Urban slings fit close to your body so you never have to take them off. No more turning sidewise to walk through subway turnstiles or unstrapping a bulky backpack when you climb in a taxi. Just throw it over your shoulder in the morning and forget it’s there. And most of these urban sling packs are so discrete that you can even throw a coat over them—perfect for those rainy Seattle mornings or snowy New York nights.

Safety and Security

Traditional bags are easy targets for pickpockets and thieves—just picture the word “cutpurse” and you’ll see what I mean. In an instant a mugger can be off with your shoulder bag and you’re stranded in the middle of an urban jungle without a wallet, without your phone, without your ID. What do you do?

And backpacks and messenger bags aren’t much better. Because they store everything behind you, it’s almost impossible to spot a sneaky pickpocket in action—especially on a crowded subway or a long ferry queue. And the bigger a bag is, the more tempted you’re going to be to set it down—just for a minute. That’s just opening yourself up to….

Urban slings are different. Their lightweight so you can wear them all the time—no matter what you’re doing. They are also close-fitting to your body and your essentials are stored in front of you (technically the most difficult location to pickpocket). And with secure Velcro and zipper closures, those pockets are virtually impregnable. The unobtrusive design our Rego Gear's Sling Bag offers allow you to wear it under a coat or jacket for added security.

Embracing an Urban Lifestyle

But adopting an urban sling back isn’t all about form and functionality. By streamlining your bag you’re opening yourself up to the experience of living in the city you love. When you don’t have the burden of a heavy bag hanging off your shoulder the city seems to take on a new life. The morning commute becomes less of a chore and more of an experience. Without the constant fear of pickpockets or bag snatchers you’re free to really see the variety of life around you. With everything you need at hand in a moment’s notice, you’re ready for anything the big city throws as at you—even if it’s just paying the street vendor for your morning coffee.

An urban sling isn’t the answer to every one of life’s questions but streamlining your bag is the first step in streamlining your life. Isn’t about time you fully embraced the urban lifestyle you’ve been living?

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