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Sling Bags – What to Look For


Why a Sling Bag?

Sling bags are a sleeker option for travelers who need to keep essentials like cell phones, mobile devices, travel money, passports and other travel documents safe and secure but don’t want to carry around bulky shoulder bags, backpacks, or rucksacks. These over-the-shoulder slings hug tight to the body so they’re extremely comfortable to wear (great for those long days of hiking and exploring) but they have enough storage space to carry everything you need within easy reach.

But how do you know what to look for? There are a number of considerations—the material from which the bag is constructed, the features, the way it’s tailored to sit on your body and much more. Below you’ll find some helpful tips to make sure you’re happy with the sling bag you choose no matter what adventures life has in store.


Sling bags like Rego Gear’s Metro Slings are designed with your body in mind. They contour to conform closely to your body’s natural shape. This keeps them close and comfortable without the necessity for belly or sternum straps. The slings are also adjustable so they can be customized to fit just about any individual’s body type (man or woman, short or tall, athletic or muscular). This prevents the sling bag from flopping around while you’re in motion.

In fact, during normal walking you won’t even need to use the optional RG-Anchor™ but if the spirit moves you and you launch into an adventurous hike or bike ride, simply clip the carabineer-style attachment to a belt loop and the sling bag is secure for wherever life takes you.

And because these types of sling bags are form fitting, they’re much more comfortable to wear. They evenly distribute the load across your body and stay in place while you’re on the go. Throw in a little foam padding and these sling bags almost seem to disappear—leaving you fully present and able to appreciate the life happening right before your eyes.


The key to finding a great sling bag is matching from with function. The whole idea behind switching from a backpack or shoulder bag to a sling bag is to minimize distractions while you’re travelling through big cities or exploring your own personal neck of the woods. Essentially, you need a bag that can carry everything you need safely and securely, with easy access.

Rego Gear’s Metro Slings features four roomy pockets. The three front pockets are big enough to hold your:

  • mobile devices (cellphone, GPS, etc.)
  • money
  • travel documents
  • music player
  • compact camera
  • snacks (energy gel, protein bars, trail mix)
  • first aid kit
  • bicycle tools
  • fire starter

Pretty much anything you need at the tips of your fingers.

These front pockets are also secure. They all close with secure Velcro flaps and the largest of the three also features a secure zipper. Not only will these safety measures keep your essentials from falling out while you’re hiking through the woods, they’ll keep them secure when you’re immersed in a crowded exotic city. As an added bonus, the Metro Slings are so form-fitting that they can be comfortably worn under a jacket for discrete carriage.

To be completely functional, the mesh pocket at the back cinches tight and can easily hold a 20 oz. water bottle securely so you can stay hydrated during all your adventures.


When choosing a sling pack you have a myriad of options available to you but perhaps the most important consideration is the material the pack is made from. Various options include vinyl, nylon, cotton weave, and various configurations of rip-stop material. When looking at fabrics you want to balance durability with weight. You want something that’s:

  • 1. strong enough to hold up to your adventures
  • 2. will hold your items securely
  • 3. built to last
  • 4. a great value
  • 5. lightweight

For this reason the travel enthusiasts at Rego Gear have chosen 100% polyester merged with insulated padding. This lightweight fabric has a high denier value (meaning it’s rugged and tear-resistant) and is woven in a specific pattern that lends durability without sacrificing flexibility or adding pounds. In fact, the fabric itself makes the Metro Slings water resistant, while keeping the total weight at just a hair over 11 ounces!

But polyester tends to be claustrophobic and doesn’t breathe well. A sling pack made entirely of this water resistant fabric would quickly become uncomfortable in warm environments or high humidity. That’s why you’ll want a breathable air mesh fabric on the sling pack’s lining. This provides air flow and keeps the wearer comfortable all day long.


In addition to everything else you might consider, clever sling pack designers have created several innovative technologies that, at first, may not look like much – until you begin using them. You’ll soon wonder how you lived without these solutions.

Fasteners: Some sling bags are designed to be free-floating, which is probably okay for the casual traveler, but anyone who plans to be active (beyond casual strolling) will want the ability to secure their sling bags to prevent flopping. For example, the patent-pending innovative RG-Anchor™ provides maximum stability with a strategically positioned side-loop carabineer that easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling for a secure, stabilized fit that reduces bounce and droop.

Design: And of course you want to be able to get to your gear at a moment’s notice. That’s why Rego Gear created the innovative All Access™ design scheme. The design, placement, and closure types of the front pockets ensure that everything can be accessed with one hand! This guarantees you access to whatever and wherever your passion takes you. Its clever design keeps your passport or boarding pass safe while giving you immediate access, as you race for the airport gate, plunge through a crowded city street, or traverse remote trails.

Matching Your Pack to You

The easiest way to find the right sling bag for you is to envision the type of traveler you are or hope to become. Do you prefer the solitude of remote trails, mountaintops, and river valleys or are you an urban adventurer who prefers the exotic scents of mixing cultures, and the unmistakable vibrancy of the big city? Do you tote everything but the kitchen sink with you when you travel? Or are you more comfortable experiencing the world through fresh eyes, secure in knowing you have what you need, enjoying the peace of mind that comes with knowing those valuables are safe and secure?

When you know what types of adventures you’re seeking (even if that adventure is commuting to work on the subway) you’ll be able to pinpoint the right gear. And if you’re lucky, you’ll run across a great sling bag like Rego Gear's Metro Slings which are suited for whatever life throws at you.

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