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Rego Gear's Metro Sling Bag to Appear on New Day Northwest NBC Seattle TV Talk Show


Rego Gear's Metro Sling Plus to Debut LIVE on New Day Northwest NBC Seattle TV Talk Show this May 19th!

What's so great about the Metro Sling Plus is that it was purposely designed to hold large phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. It will also accommodate most cases, including the rubberized ones, like the Ballistic - Tungsten Tough Case (6.63" X 3.5" W). This is Rego Gear's second product after the company was newly formed and launched November of 2014.  

Rego Gear's flagship product, the Metro Sling RGS450, accommodates smaller phone like the mini and has received positive reviews.

“We live in a world that is constantly changing. We live fast, play fast and stay connected with a press of a button. But immediate access to our phones, or other essentials, isn't always immediate. It's cumbersome to have to search around in a backpack while on the move. We are redefining the market with a product that provides instant access and security to your essentials, whether you're bouncing along rocky biking trails or trekking up a remote hiking path," said Alex Camacho, Founder, New Product Development, Rego Gear.

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