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Tourists, Victims by Rise of Pickpockets Abroad Avoid with Rego Gear's Front Pocket Metro Sling Bags


Eiffel tower shuts as staff walk out over rise in pickpockets

Popular Paris landmark closes to public for most of Friday amid protest against increase in aggressive pickpockets. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/22/eiffel-tower-shuts-staff-walk-out-pickpockets

Brazen Roma Pickpocket Gangs Posted Cash Grab Pics Online


Thinking of Traveling to Barcelona? Here’s the latest 2015 Pickpockets - Safety tips



As you’ve read, the increase in pickpocketing is growing dramatically, tourists are pickpocket targets in most European cities, a fact many travelers/tourists fail to take into account when choosing a bag. The Metro Sling Plus 550™ or RGS450™ will protect your essentials, so you can forget pickpockets and focus on what’s important, your vacation.

* Unlike all other daypacks, backpacks, and sling bags, all your items are stored securely in pockets positioned in the front of your chest where you have absolute control and visibility at all times.
* You carry only what is needed without over packing.
* Because Rego Gear's Sling pockets are positioned close to your chest it easily deters pickpockets from approaching you and snatching your belongings.
* You can travel with peace of mind to truly enjoy your trip.

So, get rid of whatever holds you down so that you can really enjoy your vacation by including Rego Gear’s Sling Bag as a permanent part of your travel gear.

Good Morning America shares tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim during your summer travel. Jul 23, 2015 08:23 AM Video from GMA ABC News


Have you been pickpocketed?  Please share your story and you'll have a chance to win a Rego Gear Cap. Share your story at Rego Gear.

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