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Rego Gear Metro Sling Bag - Hike Freely, Bike Faster, Travel Lighter


Rego Gear unveils Metro Sling Plus 550™, its first-generation, front pocket sling for your everyday adventure.

Rego Gear’s first-generation, front pocket sling provides instant access to your mobile devices when traveling, hiking and biking. Built for active travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who want a lighter option to move fast and pack light. With Rego Gear's sling, you'll never have to `stop and squat' to dig out your iPhone, passport or water bottle from a bulky backpack.

Stays in place even when you're upside down!

Sling On Anytime, Anywhere Blog Posts:

Everything you need at your fingertips while biking, hiking and traveling. Learn more at Rego Gear.

Tourists, Victims by Rise of Pickpockets Abroad Avoid with Rego Gear's Front Pocket Metro Sling Bags

Eiffel tower shuts as staff walk out over rise in pickpocketsPopular Paris landmark closes to public for most of Friday amid protest against increase in aggressive pickpockets. http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/may/22/eiffel-tower-shuts-staff-walk-out-pickpocketsBrazen Roma Pickpocket Gangs Posted Cash Grab Pics Onlinehttp://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/05/29/case-closed-28000-a-day-eiffel-tower-gypsy-pickpocket-gang-busted/Thinking of Traveling to Barcelona? Here’s the latest 2015 Pickpockets - Safety tipshttp://www.barcelonayellow.com/bcn-tourist/115-safety-barcelona-top-tipsTHE RIGHT SLING BAG TO USE AGAINST PICKPOCKETSAs you’ve read, the increase [...]

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Rego Gear's Metro Sling Bag Featured in Chicago After Smash hit in Seattle & Houston Talk Shows!

Rego Gear's Metro Sling Plus 550 Featured on "You & Me" This Morning Chicago!“We live in a world that is constantly changing. We live fast, play fast and stay connected with a press of a button. But immediate access to our phones, or other essentials, isn't always immediate. It's cumbersome to have to search around [...]

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​Rego Gear's Metro Sling Bag is a Smash Hit on New Day Northwest NBC Seattle TV Morning Talk Show May 20th!

Steven Greenberg, TV personality and author of Gadget Nation, raves about the innovative Metro Sling Plus while demonstrating it to host, Margaret Larson!Click to watch videoMetro Sling Plus is the new product release from Rego Gear, design and online retail company, located in Oceanside, CA.  The Metro Sling Plus was purposely created for travel and [...]

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Rego Gear's Metro Sling Bag to Appear on New Day Northwest NBC Seattle TV Talk Show

Rego Gear's Metro Sling Plus to Debut LIVE on New Day Northwest NBC Seattle TV Talk Show this May 19th!What's so great about the Metro Sling Plus is that it was purposely designed to hold large phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S5. It will also accommodate most cases, including the [...]

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