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Metro Sling RGS 450

RRP: $60.00
$39.99 (You save $20.01)
In Stock

 Product Description

Front Pocket Metro Sling RGS450™ is an ultra-light and comfortable biking, hiking, and travel sling designed to hold and secure mobile devices up to 5", including storage capacity for ID, passports, wallets, keys, water bottle, etc.  Perfect for outdoor adventure, urban exploration, and travel.

It is a revolutionary, outdoor sling for active lifestyles, designed for immediate access to your phone, or other essentials while on the go. The Grip&Fit™ ergonomic design, combined with an adjustable strap and RG-Anchor™ provide supreme resistance to bouncing and drooping during rigorous activities while delivering maximum comfort.

  • RG - All Access™
    Puts everything you need at your fingertips. No need to stop or remove the sling.
  • RG-Anchor™
    Strategically positioned side-loop carabineer easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling for a tighter and secure fit.
  • Adjustable Strap
    Convenient side-hip adjustable strap and quick-release buckle provide a comfortable, snug fit across chest and back.


  • Designed for light, fast, and uninhibited travel.
  • Discreet hands-free and low profile design allows for wear underneath a jacket.
  • Ergonomic design resists slipping and drooping for maximum stability and comfort.
  • Side-hip adjustable strap and quick-release buckle for a comfortable, snug fit throughout chest and back.
  • Side-loop carabineer easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling for a secure fit that reduces bounce and droop.
  • 100% Polyester fabric for durability and long-lasting; resistant to water, abrasions, tears and scuffs.
  • Foam padding insulation keeps mobile devices protected from impact damage.
  • Three Front Pockets:
    • One small and one medium sized pockets secured with Velcro® for immediate access to phone and MP3 players. Outfitted with eyelets for earphones.
    • Third larger pocket is secured with both a zipper and Velcro® and large enough to store a passport and more. Outfitted with zipper-pull for added convenience.
  • Adjustable back mesh pocket, convenient spot to stow a water bottle.
  • Multiple lash points to secure attachments.
  • Underlying sling equipped with moisture-wicking air mesh.
  • Imported

Adjustable Strap
Front Pocket Metro Sling RGS450 ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and flexibility. Engineered for active travelers, the sling is equipped with a strategically positioned side-hip adjustable strap and quick-release buckle providing a comfortable, snug fit throughout chest and back.

The patent-pending innovative RG-Anchor provides maximum stability with a strategically positioned side-loop carabineer that easily clips to any pant loop, anchoring the sling for a secure, stabilized fit that reduces bounce and droop.

Dual Control
The unique Grip&Fit design makes the Front Pocket Metro Sling RGS450 a one-of-a-kind travel pack. Using the carabineer anchor in tandem with the side-hip, adjustable strap ensures maximum stability and comfort, while keeping your valuables secure, whether you’re hustling through muggy subways or trekking up a mountain trail.

All Access
Front Pocket Metro Sling RGS450 guarantees you access to whatever and wherever your passion takes you. Its clever design keeps your passport or boarding pass safe while giving you immediate access, as you race for the airport gate, plunge through a crowded city street, or traverse remote trails. Blend in and look like a local with the sling’s discreet body-hugging fit, allowing you to wear it underneath a jacket. With all of its benefits and features, the Front Pocket Metro Sling RGS450 gives you access everywhere.


11.10 oz
Adjustable strap:
17" L
4" to 5-1/2"
Top Pocket:
4" L x 3" W x 1" D, secured with Velcro® and outfitted with eyelets for earphones
Middle Pocket:
4-1/2" L x 3" W x 1" D, secured with Velcro® and outfitted with eyelets for earphones
Bottom Pocket:
5" L x 4" W x 1" D, secured with a zipper and Velcro® and outfitted with eyelets for earphone
Back Mesh Pocket (can hold up to 20 oz water bottle):
7-1/2" L x 3-3/4" W

 Product Reviews

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  1. Must have!

    Posted by Mary P. on 25th Sep 2016

    I wanted a bag with pockets on the front when I travel so that I can get what I want quickly and keep an eye on my stuff too. What's great about the 450 sling is I'm able to hold my phone, passport, keys, tickets and a water bottle! I use it on the plane as part of my carry-on and it works great! I use it when I don't want to carry my backpack. The hook on feature is a clever idea. I like it because the sling stays in place and no one can pull it off me. Nice product.

  2. Love my mini!

    Posted by Margaret P. on 6th Apr 2016

    I heard about rego gear through a friend and bought the mini sling as I don't like to carry too much when I travel and go sightseeing. I love the front pockets because it's so easy to get to my phone and money. I also don't have to worry about pickpockets. Great product!

  3. Perfect Fit

    Posted by Sally W. on 17th Mar 2016

    I bought the metro sling 450 because I have an android mini and I love to hike when I travel. I was a bit skeptical but the sling actually does what it says. My mind is at ease when I use it to carry my id, wallet, keys and phone. If you want to be free of the bulk the metro sling is perfect. Smart design.

  4. Great travel sling!

    Posted by Carlos M. on 30th Nov 2015

    A friend told me about it so I ordered one just in time for traveling back home for Thanksgiving. It held my passport, wallet, keys, cell, boarding pass, everything I needed. Going thru airport security check was easy, I just put the entire sling in the tray and pick it up on the other side. Smart idea and design!

  5. Great alternative to a backpack

    Posted by Jeremy D. on 12th Oct 2015

    Great option instead of a backpack when you want to travel light. I'm pretty active and the sling really works well with all my activities. It holds your phone, wallet, snacks and water, all you really need. Love it!

  6. Smart Great Sling!

    Posted by Martin on 16th May 2015

    Love the front pockets! I’m pretty active with biking and hiking when I vacation and it worked! I easily had access to my snacks, camera and phone! Anchoring the sling to my short loop with the carabiner really tugged the sling in place and had essentially no movement. Great product!

  7. Awesome!

    Posted by Bikerman on 1st May 2015

    Love it! I bike a lot and the front pockets makes it really easy to get to my stuff. It's really light and stays in place too! Thanks!

  8. Happy with our purchase

    Posted by Steve on 28th Apr 2015

    Ordering on line was quick and easy. I bought two Metro Slings. They came on time and in perfect condition. We've used them for hiking and they worked out great. We love the front pockets and going to use them when we go on vacation.

  9. The "fanny pack" has evolved into something WAY COOL!!!

    Posted by tanpan on 20th Dec 2014

    Love this item!!! The metro sling allows me to comfortably carry lots of items that would be so bulky and uncomfortable in my pockets. Great for sports activities: riding a bike, scooter, motorcycle, skates, etc.,...or just walking the dog!

    No where as 'nerdy looking' and lame like the fanny packs of the 80's!

    Only drawback is that it does look 'kinda military'...and if you wear this in public (with the climate of fear and paranoia in the country now), some may mistake you for a 'nutjob loaded up with guns and ammo'!

    My only design complaint is that I wish that the largest bottom pocket were EVEN BIGGER! This pocket holds a standard size cel phone fine...but my phone is one of those "extra large mini tablet looking devices" and although it will fit into the pocket (barely-tight fit), You can not close the flap pocket. I actually modified the bottom pocket by adding a home built 'strap' with velcro attached to securely hold my oversized phone inside the pocket.

    It would be nice in future designs if one pocket on this were large enough to hold an electronic device the size of a mini-tablet.

    But otherwise....this is a great design....great features....sturdy and comfortable, and an excellent way to carry extra items in addition to/ or in lieu of, pockets on your clothes.

  10. Very well designed!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2014

    the Metro Sling has proven to be very convenient for use on our day hikes and when walking the dog. I like that it is easily adjustable for a secure fit. The water bottle is easy to reach; not like my daypack where I had to remove it off my back to reach my water bottle. The stuff I carry; doggie bags and treats, wallet, phone, and snacks are all easily accessible. Most importantly it doesn't slip off my shoulder like a purse does or uncomfortably shift around like my day pack. We plan to get another one for use on fishing trips!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 11 | Next

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