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What is the Metro Sling?



  Ultra-light, versatile and functional everyday pack- perfect for travel, urban exploration, and outdoor adventure.rgtravelimages.jpg

What our customers are saying:

If you’ve been thinking of getting a Front Pocket Metro Sling but not sure if it's right for you, please consider what our customers are saying: 

  • "Love it! I bike a lot and the front pockets make it really easy to get to my stuff. It's really light and stays in place too!"

  •  “Love this item!!! The metro sling allows me to comfortably carry lots of items that would be so bulky and uncomfortable in my pockets. Great for sports activities: riding a bike, scooter, motorcycle, skates, etc.,...or just walking the dog!”

  •  "Well, the Rego Gear was a success! So much so that my son begged to keep the one I bought and he will be taking it back to Denmark with him. He too thought it was brilliant to have something with pockets in front. I will be ordering more of these slings shortly.”

  •  “The Metro Sling has proven to be very convenient for use on our day hikes and when walking the dog.”

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