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A Lightweight Travel Sling Allows Savvy Travelers to Enjoy the Experience


Is Your Bag a Burden?

Life should be spent wisely: exploring new places, seeing new things, experiencing every juicy little moment as it’s offered. You need to be ready and able to take it all in when it comes at you (whether that’s right now or after reaching the next summit). That’s why more and more experienced travelers are switching to lightweight travel sling packs. They’re perfect for the adventurer who likes to travel lightly, as a part of nature rather than apart from it, but need they’re essentials kept safe and secure.

Don’t let your gear get in the way of your adventure. Every second counts—blink and that perfect little instant is gone!

Did you spot that downy fawn stumbling awkwardly across the trail ahead? That jeweled rainbow cast by the waterfall’s spray? That beautiful instant just after sunset when everything is caught between the real and the magical? Or did you waste those precious moments fussing with your bag’s straps, worrying about how secure your wallet is, or pawing through your pack trying to find that one thing you need right now?

Think of all the photos you could have snapped had your camera been handy.
Think of the frustration you would have avoided had your boarding pass been neatly stored where you could get at it instantly.
Think of the wear and tear you could have avoided had your choice of packs been comfortable enough to wear all day.
That’s the freedom that a lightweight travel sling offers. It’s not a bag, its better.

Is It About the Stuff You Carry or How You Carry It?

When your body is unburdened, your mind is open and able to accept everything the world around you offers. A lightweight travel sling is form-fitting and designed to hug your body—as if becoming a part of it—rather than hang off it like a bulky pack. Wear one long enough and it seems to disappear. A hike becomes a stroll through the forest; a bike ride becomes an exhilarating blur; a day trip becomes an experience of a lifetime.

But can you sacrifice the capacity of a traditional pack?

Let’s face it, most of us carry much more than we ever need. Better to have and not need it, right? And that logic still applies. But when you’re planning a day trip downriver, a couple hours in the woods, or a quick bike ride you really don’t need to go overboard.

A quality lightweight travel sling will be designed with functionality foremost. Pockets sizeable and secure enough to keep all of your essentials handy and safe—cellphones, iPod, wallets, GPS units, energy bars—allow you to easily carry everything you really need. Metro Sling RGS450™ sits close to your body, with everything distributed at the front or the sides, so your gear is always within easy reach. No need to stop to fish a snack out of your pack or find your camera when something catches your eye. Simply grab and keep on going.

Adopting a Lightweight Travel Sling:
Breaking Away from the Backpack!

It takes a bit of getting used to—breaking away from the backpack. But when you pare things down to the absolute essentials you realize just how little really is essential. There something Zen in travelling that way. You feel closer to nature, closer to the experience, and get more out of it. (Plus your back will thank you for it.) Adopting this lightweight method is all about deciding what you want out of your adventures and then matching the gear to that goal.

Of course, with technological advancements revolutionizing outdoor recreation lightweight doesn’t mean low quality. Look for a sling constructed out of durable materials like Cordura©, with enhancements like secure fasteners to keep the load from shifting while you’re on the move and air mesh for all-day- long comfort and breathability. That way you’ll have a piece of equipment that you can use for day trips or all day on those longer adventures.

So take a chance and break away from the backpack on your next outdoor adventure. See if our Metro Sling RGS450™ is the lightweight travel sling right for you.

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